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City & Plantation Tours

Start @ $100.00 & Base Cost.

Please Call for Booking

(504) 205 - 7246



Explore the history of New Orleans and witness how the mighty Mississippi River controlled every aspect of Plantation Life. We will travel to the Old German Coast and view plantation life along the river. Just 30 miles north of New Orleans, for well over 250 years lies the history of the Louisiana Plantations.  These plantations fueled the wealth of the French, Spanish, Free People of Color, and Americans. The plantations main crop was and still is sugarcane.  Join us for a historical journey back into the world of sugarcane and plantation life.

  • Day(s)call for booking

  • Time:9:30am

  • Duration: 6.5 hours

  • Transportation: Private Driver & Full-Size Vehicle (Cleaned and Sanitized before and after every Tour)



* Pick up guest from the hotel or designated location

* Travel to the French Quarter view Jackson Square (Places 'd Armes) first       

   settlement, landmarks, and statues to get a better understanding of how the     city  plays a major role in the functions and existence of the plantations.

* Travel to St. John parish to view Evergreen Plantation or Laura Plantation

* Lunch at local restaurant

* Travel back to city and drop guest off at hotel or designated


Ms. Albertine Becnel, Seamstress, appears courtesy

of Ms. Mildred Girod


St John the Baptist Parish

Learn the stories of the great sugar cane plantations and the enslaved people who built the main house, and detachments in addition to farmed and cultivated the land. Bear witness to the most intact plantation complex in the South listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


* Pickup and Drop off at approved location​

* Private Driver & Transportation

* Fully Narrated Tour

* Entrance Fees


Cancellation Policy:


Any cancellation by the client must be initiated by both text and email:


Text to

(504) 205-7246

and by Email to


We will acknowledge your cancellation via text and email. Tours by NOLA may cancel a tour due to weather or emergency circumstances. In the event "Tour by NOLA" cancel the tour, you will receive a notification via text and email. You may reschedule the tour, receive a full refund, or receive a credit towards an alternative tour.


(504) 205-7246

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