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HARRIS PARSON, Cultural Ambassador, Jazz Curator, Musician, Photographer

A native of New Orleans, La. Harris was born in Jazz Alley and spent his formative years in the heart of the historic Treme subdivision. Influenced by the rich cultural traditions found throughout his neighborhood, Harris groomed his talent as a drummer, and percussionist.


While conducting research into the origin of New Orleans drumming traditions at Tulane University, Harris was introduced to the Louis Armstrong Foundation, Inc. It was during his tenure with the Louis Armstrong Foundation, Inc. that Harris was introduced to the history of New Orleans, and the origins of the Louisiana Colony. 

A graduate of the Art Institute of Atlanta, Harris continues to push the envelope exhausting the endless possibilities of photographic imaging and archival documentation.

"My work focuses on the creation of a living archive of New Orleans and Louisiana's  rich cultural heritage. We were part of the largest experiment in race mixing dating back to the 18th century."

In addition to serving as a Cultural Ambassador for the Louis Armstrong Foundation, Inc., Harris also serves as President/CEO of the Louis Armstrong Foundation, Inc. and as support staff for the Friends of the Cabildo.  


"Our mission is to keep the name, life story, and humanitarian contributions of Mr. Louis Daniel Armstrong and the pioneers of New Orleans Jazz alive for present and future generations to  draw inspiration from."

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