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A Wrinkle in Time...

When we think of legacy, we often focus on the tangible... material assets handed down from one generation to the next. In doing so, we often fail to acknowledge the true value of the oral traditions and customs imparted from our ancestors. Through closer examination, while some of these traditions may have been born from horrific tragedies, they offer the opportunity to embody the joy obtained from mountains climbed and the lessons learned from the trials and tribulations experienced. In short, they collectively serve as points of reflection, engagement, and empowerment.

For contrary to popular beliefs, the land that became known as the oldest African American subdivision in America served many purposes over its short 300-year history. Beginning as a direct route from the neighboring bayous to the great river, a portion of the land was also used for ceremonial purposes by indigenous tribes.

Join us as we travel this ancient trade route to the Mississippi river, and discover the unique community that developed in the swamps located outside of the city limits. As Nouvelle Orleans evolved into a metropolis, this group would become leaders in every possible level of civic engagement inclusive of politics, business, education, government, and religion to name a few.


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